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Why vendors should host their products or services through the Bella Vie Network:

  1. Bella Vie Network is a members only shopping platform that is based on Word of Mouth marketing and many other channels of marketing. Depending on the products or services we will market on all of the latest and most efficient forms of advertising from Digital Out of Home Advertising, to custom marketing campaigns for your unique companies, and social media.
  2. Benefits to Adding your Product or Service to the Bella Vie Network:
    1. Bella Vie Network is a company based on giving back, by partnering with us you are able to join our mission on changing the communities and world we live in by giving back.
    2. BVN will be an additional Channel of Marketing & Sales for your company.
    3. There is No Risk for your company in any way & No upfront cost unlike other traditional marketing options.
  1. Please add information about your business in the following steps. Your business page will not appear in search results until this information has been verified and approved by our moderators to assure quality & assurance. Once it is approved, you will receive an email with instructions on how to add products and manage your back office for your business page with no cost. Be sure to check your spam box as well within the next 24-48 hours to assure the notification.

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