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Earn Extra Money

Step 1: Refer a Friend

Share Bella Vie Network with a friend
and have them enroll for free!

Step 2: Referral Fees

When referring our Program for others to use, you are able to receive "Referral Fees" from BVN. This will in turn create a Residual Income based on the people you and your friends have invited and the purchases they have made from that point and on. This is made possible because BVN believes in profit sharing and giving back to you, the members who make up our network.

Estimated Referral Bonus

Step 1

Enter Purchased $ amount:

(This is the $ amount of your personal purchase from a HRB (High Referral Bonus) product*)
Step 2

Total amount of people in your network

(Total amount of people you & your friends have referred).
Step 3

Total Estimated Referral Bonus

(estimated $ amount you earn from your network's purchases)


*Note* - This is only an estimated example assuming everyone in your network is purchasing the same Dollar amount entered above. Dollar amount will vary depending on the amount of people, dollar amount spent by each person and the specific products they buy. This is made possible because BVN shares our profit with you, our members.

Step 3: Reap Your Rewards

Every month we pay you these referral fees and give you the ability to either spend your money towards your future purchases, transfer your money to your personal bank accounts, or request a Visa Debit Card to use your cash as you wish. Our platform allows people to build a long term source of income through everyday purchases. Our product and service base will grow in number everyday making it easier for you to benefit more regularly.