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Rose Phan is the Co-founder, CEO of www.BellaVieNetwork.com, an e-shopping mall of Products and Services with a unique twist on "Giving".   

With a Near Death Experience in the Quest for Freedom 39 years ago, she is grateful to America who has given her a second chance at Life and a new way of living half a world away in Southern California. She had entered into the business world of a High-tech Business as between 1989–2007.  Rose was nominated and received multiple awards and write-ups such as Pioneering Women from NAWBO, Entrepreneur of the Year, Business of the Year from ABA, top 500 companies of America from Working Business Women Magazine, O.C Business Journal, Los Angeles Times, Keepers of the Dream from Readers Digest, and International Trading as Asian American Wonder Women under Mrs. Megamotion and more.

She has been happily married for 31 years and a mother of three wonderful sons.   

In 2014, Rose and her family have created www.BellaVieNetwork.com to help Members purchase with purpose and save more time/money to enjoy their beautiful life. It is simply convenient and meaningful. It is mainly to Give Back.  

Vendors, Buyers, Charities who want to make a difference can benefit. Rose Phan believes that she can do little things with great love and together with others of the same vision at heart, we can make a difference. She may become one day, just like a whisper in the wind, soon to be forgotten, but the gift of love can remain to grow locally and globally with BellaVieNetwork.  So, I invite you to be part of the mission, visit us at www.BellaVieNetwork.com and be part of the Mission of Making Life Beautiful by Buying, Earning, Sharing and Giving.