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Mission Statement

You Buy – We Give
We created this company because we care passionately about helping families -- ALL families. From our members to our community, we believe that it is our job to make a difference in the lives of all families around us. That's why with every product you purchase; BellaVieNetwork Company makes a donation to families in need.
Through partnering with amazing non-profits, we are working to solve critical health and social issues in the community and globally. To us, connecting the virtual world with the real world, every joined effort between vendors and buyers and BellaVieNetwork, we can make a difference.
We believe that the unique passions of Giving Back to make life beautiful by BellaVieNetwork giving from between 1% to 10% on gross sales to the non-profit organizations, now, Buying becomes meaningful because you Purchase with Purpose. We truly believe that together we can make life better and beautiful.
We hope you'll join us.

We like to dream big and we understand that even the smallest decisions can have big impacts. We created BellaVieNetwork.com as a heart-centered online system to fulfill our big dreams of economic sharing– following our hearts and consciences, with each detail and every decision – that would result in positive impacts...
Here are the standards we developed from that vision. Standards we regularly revisit and refine, because at our core we simply want to always try to be better.

Create an Honest pay-out system:
We are serious about honesty – both as it applies to the integrity of our relationships and in being true to you as our Buyers, Vendors and Non-Profit organizations. But, that's just the beginning. In all we do, we want to make each day a little more fulfilling, inspired, and downright better and beautiful.

Modern families are busy and everything matters. That's why we select products that will perform to the highest standards of effectiveness. Products that exceed expectations. Products guaranteed to not only satisfy, but also delight. We are relentless in the pursuit to be attentive to every detail.

Service Matters:
We know exceptional service is important, and we intend to go above and beyond, and way over the top. We believe that a deeper level of trust can be built with incredible service. And knowing when to say "sorry", dedicate to making it right...all with a super big smile. Serving you better is also about listening and being open to dialogue – that's when we have the opportunity to learn the most (so thank you).

Be Accessible:
We strive to make our products as affordable as possible. And what's more convenient than having it shipped right to your door? We want every family to have the opportunity to be a part of BellaVieNetwork experience. Accessibility is a promise to openly listen to you & collaborate–so that with you, we can continually become better and always improve.

Give Back More:
As parents, we teach our kids to be kind and respectful citizens and as a company, we feel it's just as important. We are committed to both individual and corporate social responsibility – taking selfless actions that benefit others. This includes charitable partnerships, working with advocates on promoting policy changes that better protect our children and planet, supporting educational purpose and self-help projects.

Together we can make it better and beautiful.

It is our mission at Bella Vie Network to help make Life Beautiful.

"Bella Viethe "Beautiful Life" we wait to share with you all.