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Merchant Service

By choosing BVN you are not only helping yourself, but the community and world you live in. As a company we choose to donate 5% (or more) of the income we earn from our Merchant Services partner to causes around the world. That means that every time someone makes a purchase at your business, using our Merchant Service program, we donate. By joining with us, you are helping these charities and the causes they support. (See our Charities page for more information.)

  • We have partnered with industry-leading companies to provide you with best deals.
  • You can help yourself and others Save & Earn Money.
  • 5% of the income BVN earns from your Merchant Services account will be credited back to you by BVN.
  • Refer another business to our Merchant Services program and  40% of the income BVN earns from that account will be credited to you by BVN!
  • On top of the 5% we donate to help charities.

Solar Energy

It's never been easier to go green

  • Make your roof work for you
  • Lower your bill today
  • No Lease
  • No Purchase
  • No Loan
  • No Lien
  • No Installation Fee
  • Home Owners Earn $500 for installing (from Solar company).
  • We give $50 to a charity of your choice per installation (from BVN).
  • "Bella Vie" the "Beautiful Life" we wait to share with you all.

Coming Soon

Partner With BVN

Welcome to the BVN where Value, Ethics, and a Brighter Future are Key. We are growing everyday and will be adding these services and more in the near future. If you would like to potentially strategically partner with us and our movement by providing your product / business / services on our network free of cost, then please contact us so we can add a little 'Beauty' in everyone's life. (we are not limited to any industry and can evolve as opportunities arise)

If you'd like to offer your product/business/services then enroll your company now under our Vendor Section

Plans for the NEAR future:

"Bella Vie" the "Beautiful Life" we wait to share with you all.