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Questions & Answers

How much money do you make from referring businesses to use the merchant services?

Tiered pricing can be found in the "Services Section" after selecting the option "Apply"

How do i transfer money onto my debit card?

A1. Log in to your account and visit "My Wallet" and then begin transferring process from there. 

How do i receive the money earned?

A1. You can apply for the Visa Debit card that will be sent to you about 2-5 business days after applying. 

How often do you get paid?

A1. You get paid at the end of every monthly cycle after everything has been processed.

If you have MORE than 5 members you want to sign up, what do you do?

A1. After you have filled in your own immediate 5 members in your first level, you can contact your downline and ask if they would like to add to their initial downline to help them grow. If you have further questions then you may also contact your Upline or BVN help center at Support@bellavienetwork.com

How many members can you directly sign up under your downline?

A1. You can only sign up 5 members directly under your immediate downline.
A2. If you have more than 5 members you wish to sign up then see next question. 

How many membership accounts am I allowed to have?

A1. You can only have one personal account, BUT you are eligible to have multiple business accounts as long as there is a TAX ID (EIN #).

How old do you have to be to join our network?

A1. You must be at least 18 years old.