Monthly Feature

de la salle institute

FEDTAX ID: 94-1156332

A non-profit educational program commits to develo ...

Raised: 149.08 Donated: 1,220.00

new hope for disadvantaged children

FEDTAX ID: 46-3337847

Raised: 59.84 Donated: 250.00

jousinealex memorial fund/ hoi thien nguyen alexu


FEDTAX ID: 42-1645016

JousineAlex Memorial Fund/ Hoi Thien Nguyen Alexu ...

Raised: 32.69 Donated: 250.00

traveling stories

FEDTAX ID: 320298884

Traveling Stories exists to outsmart poverty one b ...

Raised: 14.82 Donated: 0.00

hearts of charity and friends

FEDTAX ID: 26-2536695

Our mission is to help orphanage disabled children ...

Raised: 57.13 Donated: 0.00

support of retired sisters in vietnam foundation

FEDTAX ID: 20-2972346

Support of Retired Sisters in Vietnam

Raised: 33.56 Donated: 1,000.00