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What you need to know

By understanding our platform, you will be able to apply this to any industry, Grow With Us

Our mission

  • Be a peoples company
  • Create a Supplemental Income for anyone.
  • Give back to our communities


  • We simply share out profits margins with our membets for using our platform.
  • No strings attached
  • No membership fees
  • The more our members benefit, the more everyone benefits.
  • A flexible platform for any industry

How It Works

Cash Back

Cash Back

On anything you purchase through our network

Earn Money

Earn Money

By sharing our platform with others

Residual Income

Residual Income

Earn money indirectly when ever your friends and their friends buy



You benefit as long as you are a member of BVN

Earn A Larger Residual Income

Recommend any of the following and receive an additional residual income for as long as the recipient is a customer. 
*Certain Services & Products we provide offer a signi´Čücantly larger Residual Income*

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Giving Back

As a company, built on giving back, we vow to donate a percentage of every dollar through our network to a cause of your choice.

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Choose what to support

Automatically support a cause every time you buy with no extra costs.

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